7 thoughts on “The school I didn’t attend.

      1. Not having dealt with MS, my younger sister does have it. Coincidentally, she lives on a ranch in Idaho. I know it’s been excruciatingly hard on her and imagine it’s been just as hard on you. Never give up!

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      2. Actually, she did. But so did my son when he was 10–for three hell bending months.

        My belief is that there’s a whole lot more to illness than doctors care to imagine. Oftentimes, it appears that placing their name somewhere for the books is more important than actually solving a major issue—unless it lists them in the history books.

        There are doctors who I have the utmost respect and even love for, but they’re few and far between.

        I have another sister who’s 11 months her junior who has Hashimoto’s. And it sucks because she has always been a small-framed bodybuilder who’d just pay her examiners to be a firefighter when it came into being.

        McKenzie was diagnosed with MS and was confined to a wheelchair and blind for years. I recall speaking to her on the phone, and it sounded odd, as if she was having difficulty expressing herself. But the way she described it was she was thinking as fast as she always does, but for some reason the words were slow in rolling off her tongue. The crazy thing is that her wheelchair and blindness went away, as did her speech impediment. She’s since gotten remarried and has “dropped off the face of the Earth” as she tends to do.

        I have a whole case of characters for family members. The only one I get along with well is one of my brothers in Cali, and a step-sister in Utah. I also have another brother in North Carolina, but we don’t talk much.

        Unfortunately, after the amnesia, a lot changed for me as far as my family goes.

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